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SolidWorks® 3D CAD

SolidWorks® 3D CAD is a design application that enables users to quickly transform concepts into solid 3D products. Its intuitive interface and powerful design capabilities drive smarter, faster product development. Easy-to-use yet powerful toolsets, virtual prototyping, and quick generation of manufacturing-ready drawings and data give product designers the distinct advantage in creating cost-effective parts in a competitve manufacturing market.

Some of the benefits of SolidWorks® include, PhotoView 360 and Walk-through - a fully integrated utility in SolidWorks® that enables walk-through, video game-like exploration of products, including structures and large machinery. Planar Simplification and Enhanced Beam Analysis help achieve faster analysis of parts with uniform sections through the use of planar simplification to represent the parts' geometry, rather than analyzing the entire structure.

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SimpoeWorks is a complete plastic injection simulation solution fully embedded into the SolidWorks graphic user environment.

SimpoeWorks allows SolidWorks users to simulate the complete manufacturing process of their plastic parts, from filling to warpage. Designers can identify early into the design stage potential manufacturing problems, study alternative solutions and directly assess the impact of such part or process modification, always in the SolidWorks graphic environment. The seamless integration of SimpoeWorks with SolidWorks® really  "closes the loop" of plastic part design and manufacturing optimization, whatever the complexity or geometry of the parts, including shell parts and plain solid parts.

R & B Mold and Die Design Solutions

R & B MoldWorks®

R & B MoldWorks® is the premier 3D solid-based mold design application that delivers innovative, intuitive, intelligent design tools for the injection molding industry. MoldWorks® incorporates process-specific knowledge of moldmaking in CAMD (Computer Aided Mold Design) software. It delivers levels of productivity that dramatically outperform traditional moldmaking software and provides time-to-market gains of 2-1 or better!

The dynamic preview of the initial mold base and related components significantly reduces the design time and R & B MoldWorks® intuitive intelligence will propagate the requested change throughout the complete mold. This functionality alone saves users hours of re-design time. To further shorten the design process, MoldWorks® automatically creates the 2D drawings of the plates and dimensions them while maintaining complete associativity amongst elements.